Synergy Distribution LLC-6200 Saint John Avenue-Kansas City MO 64123-816-231-7171
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    We handle a variety of different products for large and small businesses. From just a few orders, to over a thousand a day, we can handle whatever your distribution needs are.

    We take an extraordinary approach to helping small start ups bring their products to the market place, as well as helping large well-established companies become more efficient with their logistics.

    Synergy Distribution will do what it takes to ensure your products get out the door on time, while maintaining product integrity and accuracy.

    We will accommodate any and all special needs that your product/company may need.

We offer:

  • Great pricing!
  • Reliable and consistent service!!
  • A clean and secure facility!
  • A facility capable of growing WITH YOU!!
  • Our footprint in the industry reaches far to both ends of the spectrum. 
  • Logistics that fit your every essential requirement!! We will assist in the planning and implementation while supporting your company every step of the way.
  • System integration- We are able to integrate systems to make inventory and order receiving as easy as possible. 
  • A carrier network that will get your products safely to their destination at a great rate.

What we can do for you!!
  * The interaction and/or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, and/or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.
*Synergy definition provided by Google Inc.